About Lori Tompkins



  • Update: In late March 2020, after Shelter in Place orders went into place, I began offering virtual yoga classes (donation-based via Zoom). In April, I began to update and expand this website with the intention of adding many resources and new content for readers who are interested in learning to see, understand and navigate our world's current "evolutionary crisis" from a higher perspective as discussed at length by my teachers ‒ Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet. The gnosis presented by these world teachers (Supramental Avatars), which I will be sharing via the resources of this site, is the Gnosis of Unity Consciousness, wherein both the positive and the negative circumstances of our lives are part of the same journey of recovering the lost Inner Sun or lost Truth, Consciousness and Bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda) of our Being. 

A Bit of My Life Bio/Yoga Story

  •  I was born in West Virginia in 1969 and grew up in Virginia.  I was an athlete from a young age and loved nothing more than being physical and being strong and coordinated in motion. From a young age, I spontaneously practiced  breath control and yoga nidra which led to deep states of meditation and kundalini awakening long before anyone ever mentioned such practices or the word and concept of yoga to me.
  • After graduating from high school, I attended the University of Virginia from 1987 to 1991, where upon I graduated with a BA in English Literature.  
  • My father took his own life in 1988 and after graduating from UVA I became an avid student of spiritual knowledge, mostly drawn to eastern traditions. I was not interested in empty beliefs, dogma or rituals, I was in pursuit of real  knowledge. In 1993, an older brother introduced me to Sri Aurobindo's Integral and Supramental Yoga. Coming across Sri Aurobindo’s writings that year felt like finally seeing the path I had unknowingly already been on and like meeting family that I didn’t know I had, in the sense that I felt related to Sri  Aurobindo and to his yoga in the core of my being. From that time onward I read my way through many of Sri Aurobindo's major works. His transmissions resonated in me like nothing else ever had, and I knew "THIS is what I'm doing here (on Earth)". 

  •  A few years later, in 1996, after working as a substitute teacher and as an editorial assistant and writer for a newspaper, I took my first Hatha Yoga class and remembered in full that I was a Yogi and stopped trying to be anything else. In 1999 I became a Hatha Yoga instructor. Later that year I headed to India for the first time, heeding a vision in which Sri Aurobindo instructed me to travel to India which had never occurred to me as somewhere I ever wanted or needed to go.

  • At some point during that trip I came to see and appreciate the fact that my name condensed to the word LOTOS (LOri TOmpkinS), the Greek spelling of Lotus. So from that point on I considered Lotus to be my spiritual name, the Sanskrit version being Aravinda (the root of Sri Aurobindo's name and a central symbol of his yoga).
  • After returning to the U.S. in 2000, I found The Gnostic Circle by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) on my sister's bookshelf and it quickly made sense of the circumstances of my trip to India and the circumstances of my life up to that point. I could clearly see that none of it was random and that my whole adventure was being organized and choreographed by what Sri Aurobindo called the Supramental Consciousness-Force. At that point I began teaching Hatha Yoga full time in California, and began studying the writings of the Mother and Thea, and continued my studies of Sri Aurobindo's teachings, with a special interested in his work towards recovering The Secret of the Veda which was also discussed in Thea's writings. From that point on, it was clear that regardless of the ignorance of the mind, the soul manifests exactly what it needs in order to progress towards its fulfillment in the material world, whether that be through positive or negative circumstances. A more detailed account of how I was drawn into or initiated into the Supramental Yoga is found in my book Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, Part, Ch. 6, "Remembering the Plot".

  • I opened my first yoga studio in Pacific Grove, CA in 2000, and then sold it in late 2002, whereupon I went back to India to work with Thea at her center in Tamil Nadu, helping her format her autobiography (The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 1). During that trip I wrote my first article about her work. Upon my return to the US in 2003, I continued practicing and teaching Hatha Yoga, opened another yoga studio and began learning some basics of web work because I saw that Thea’s 30+ years’ worth of extraordinary yogic revelations and teachings were essentially nowhere to be found online except on one website that presented only a brief introduction and small window into her contributions to the Supramental Yoga. Over the next 14 years I helped Thea create several websites and blogs where I formatted and published several hundred of her articles, old and new.


  • Between 2007-2013 I was quite ill with Lyme and other tick-born diseases and couldn't teach Hatha Yoga. I let go of my yoga studio but continued with my yoga practice, my yoga studies, my web work with Thea, and began my own Blog in 2009.

  • In late May of 2013 I began to recover from Lyme, and was strong enough to teach again in late 2014.   

  • In early 2016, in conjunction with my 47th birthday, I began “downloading” or receiving a book in my consciousness about the role that the sacred geometry of the Vesica Piscis plays in the restoration of Sanatana Dharma and in illuminating the lost zodiacal sense of Vishnu's Avatars. On 2 October 2016, this descent became a flood of new revelations about how the Vesica Piscis functions as an essential key of restoring the long-kept secrets of the Rig Veda (presented in Part 2 of the book). Seven days after this flood of new gnosis began, Thea passed and I continued to receive a torrent of revelatory gnosis into 2017. After writing it all down and after many months of editing and formatting, I self-published the book, which I came to call Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom , on Amazon on 11 January 2018. 

  • Since publishing my book I have largely been focused on writing about and sharing what I have learned (and continue to learn) regarding the role of sacred geometry in restoring the lost sense of many ancient symbols and myths (not only Vedic). In my files and on Pinterest, I collect myriad ancient symbols, iconography and myths which make entirely new and Integral sense when seen via the lens of the long-forgotten geometric and zodiacal gnosis of the Ancient Seers. Some of these symbols and myths I have written about in my blog, and others remain to be discussed. 

  • I experienced the flood of revelations about the role the Vesica Piscis plays in the restoration of Vedic Wisdom, as a great Supramental and Vedic Victory which unfolded in conjunction with Thea’s passing. I experienced it as an unexpected birth of new keys of unifying gnosis, as well as the birth of whole new experience and understanding of the Supermental Yoga and of my own life and what I had unknowingly been up to for 47 years. What I have shared about this birth of new gnosis, has been met by the contingency of Thea’s students who now run Aeon Centre of Cosmology with a combination of disinterest, dismissal and accusations to the effect that I am  out to “negate” Thea’s work (despite all that I have done and continue to do to help people find their way to her yoga and writings). The problem that I present for these students is multi-fold, but it largely boils down to their inability to accept that I am seeing something that Thea did not see, particularly because it brings into question Thea’s conclusion about where (i.e. what particular degree of the zodiac) the Seven Rivers are released by the Vedic heroes. In the eyes of these students (and some others) Thea could not have been wrong about this or about anything, thus I have become something of a heretic to their closed belief system. Thus I have little to no contact with Aeon Centre any more. I remain in contact with a smattering of Thea’s students in the USA, in India, and elsewhere around the globe, with whom I discuss yogic matters and current affairs. These colleagues have a least some level of appreciation of what I was called on to bring forward. Still, I am largely on my own (in the personal sense) when it comes to sharing and presenting what I learned the year and week of Thea’s passing, and what I continue to learn about the long-lost geometric keys of ancient gnosis. I do not, however, feel alone in the yogic sense, because I KNOW where these keys came from (or rather WHO they came from) and I feel blissfully supported in the sense of the Supramental Consciousness-Force organizing the circumstances of my life and work. 

  • While overhauling this website in April of 2020 in order to represent the larger yogic field in which I am engaged, beautiful wild peacocks (whose ancestors were brought from India to Marin County in the late 1800s) take turns in displaying all of their feathers and turning in circles in front of my room. They dance in the same driveway, in front of my Vishnu Sheshnag sculpture. where a family of young peacocks helped me to SEE the geometric sense of Vishnu’s Avatars in 2016 while I was receiving and writing Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom. The peacock is the national bird of India. It is the vehicle or vahana of Vishnu’s final avatar and a symbol of “the divine victory” of Yoga. When I first read Sri Aurobindo’s work about the Supramental Consciousness-Force underlying and organizing all circumstances in 1993, I told him (though he was no longer incarnate) that I had no interest in simply believing in what he was writing. I needed direct experience/proof. In the beginning, it was mostly (but not always) gradual and subtle. Now it is not subtle at all, I am often given the direct and mind-boggling experience of the perfect control of the Supramental Consciousness. The beautiful peacocks parading outside my window stand to me as the epitome of this “proof” that Sri Aurobindo did indeed give me in the course of time. So if anyone is wondering why a peacock is featured on this website’s homepage, that is it. It is a symbol of the victory of the Supramental Avatars and a symbol of the Supramental Consciousness-Force of the soul, arranging its own divine victories through all circumstances, utilizing everything (including self-ignorance and the ignorance of others) in its journey towards progressive revelations of wider and wider Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.

  • When I am not researching, writing or teaching Hatha Yoga, I enjoy mountain biking and hiking in the beautiful hills of Marin County. I use Strava to track and share my rides, hikes and other workouts.

'Higher' Education 

  • BA in English Literature, University of Virginia, 1988-1991.  
  • MA in Education & Teaching Credential, University of Colorado, Boulder. 1992-1994.​​

Yoga Trainings/Education: 

  • Bikram Yoga College of India, Beverly Hills, CA.,  600+ hour training, 1999.  
  • Vivekananda Yoga Kendra, Bangalore, India - Hatha Yoga & other limbs of yoga, 2000.  
  • White Lotus Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA. - Thai Yoga Massage Training, 2001  
  • Aeon Centre of Cosmology, Tamil Nadu, India - Supramental Yoga & Cosmology, 2002, 2005, 2014.  

Studios Owned: 

  • Bikram Yoga Monterey Bay/The Yoga Sanctuary (taught Bikram Yoga), 2001-2002.   
  • Yoga Loft, Ukiah, California (taught Bikram, Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga), 2004-2006.

Studios & Schools where I've taught yoga from 1999-Present (Bikram, Vinyasa, Restorative & General Hatha Yoga): 

  • Bikram Yoga Colleges in Aspen, Basalt, Boulder & Los Angeles, Tribecca, NYC , Universal Yoga, Mill Valley;Yoga Loka, San Rafael & Fairfax, CA; Bikram Yoga Monterey Bay/The Yoga Sanctuary, Yoga Moon, Novato, CA; Yoga Loft, Ukiah, CA; Red Dragon, Mill Valley, CA; Harbin Hot Springs Conference Center, Middletown, CA; Embrace Yoga, Terra Linda, CA; Sukha Yoga, Novato, CA; Yoga Garden, San Anselmo, CA.; YMCA San Rafael, Novato.  
  • Newport Academy (2019-present), serving teens and young adults dealing with substance abuse, anxiety, eating disorders, mental health issues, etc.   

Non-Profit Work: 

Web Work for Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet: 

  • www.aeongroup.com This website was built in 1998 by Robert Wilkinson, President of Aeon Group, New York-based non-profit dedicated to "to the promotion and distribution of the yogic works of seer-cosmologist, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea)". At some point (perhaps 2006) I became the site's web editor, adding more content, links, and making it easier to navigate. Robert has plans to update, modernized and add content. Hopefully this will take place in the not-far future.
  • www.patrizianorellibachelet.com I built this site for Thea in 2007, with the goal of making her work more visible and accessible in the world. I served as the site's editor up until 2016. It is now maintained by Aeon Centre of Cosmology.
  • www.patrizianorellibachelet.com/TNWblog I built this blog for Thea in 2007 and formatted and published her current thoughts and articles therein through March of 2009, when Thea wanted to launch a new blog for her series Puranic Cosmology Updated.  
  • www.puraniccosmologyupdated.blogspot.com I did not build this blog, but served as its web editor from 2010-2015, formatting and publishing Thea's installations of her Puranic Cosmology Updated series, along with updates and subsequent articles.
  • www.matrimandir-action-committee.blogspot.com With Thea's permission, I created this blog in 2014 (which we called 'The Flawed Auroville Matrimandir') for her Chronicles of the Inner Chamber series (written 2003-2005). This series, chronicling the saga of the distortion of the Mother's Temple in Auroville, and illuminating the sense of the Mother's original Temple vision and sacred geometry, had already been published on www.matacom.com circa 2004 by another one of Patrizia's students, but the original site was hard to navigate and had poor search engine visibility. These chronicles were published as a book in 2019 by Aeon Center of Cosmology.
  • www.aeoncentre.com This site, named after Patrizia's Aeon Centre of Cosmology (ACC) in Tamil Nadu, was built for Patrizia in 2015 by one of her students. Up until a year after Thea's passing, I was an editor of the site, helping to build its content and archives.